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Chantos school management web –based application is designed to embrace and tighten an already loose existing relationship between parents, teacher and kids/students. It has often told that parents are no longer involved in their children’s life and to be honest that has come to be a shock even to caring parents.
Its embarrassing really to realize sometimes you have no idea what the stronghold of your kids in terms of subjects, sports and the like. In today’s world, it’s evident that the future of entrepreneurs is quite remarkable despite what they choose to entrepreneur in for example athletic is quite rewarding nowadays, so is football, or song writer or a dancer and the list goes on and on.
This system keeps the parent updated of the student progress in all aspects of his/her study. It’s quite a remarkable system given that it has multiple authorizations namely

  1. Teacher/principal portal.
  2. The accountant department/bursars portal.
  3. The parent/student portal.
With the teacher panel, it has being designed to operate with user access levels such that the principal has full control of the system while a regular teacher has access to what is deemed fit for his/her use- like he/she cant access the expulsion list.
The beauty and resourcefulness of the system extends to the fact that it comes with a responsive well designed website for the school. Technology that would otherwise cost the institution more money to put in place in the near future and let’s be honest website as marketing tool that is otherwise attracting more attention in this digital world



What we offer


Computer Classes

Our computer classes provides the background to almost all computer careers like Software development, web development ,Photo Editing, Video editing, Interior design software use etc.



We Advice and provide enviroment that encourage sports as a career not limited to resources both indoors and outdoor games


InternShip Programs

Internship programs was founded to expose our students to the world and equip them with the experience of living abroad . Internship to Boston, Sydney, London, Santa Ana etc


Foreign Languages

Language study every student has the option of studying three foreign languages, with English as the no option subject. Languages include English, madrin, spanish, german, french, latin etc


Creativity Call

This is call or rather an assembly to encourage students to find thier passions and bring creativity to their lives. This is supported by stuff by expossing world invesion and achievents world wide


Gifts and talent show

We encounge and provide an encouraging enviroment to invest on their talents and gifts

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Mission: To bridge the gap between the local education and global level of Education

Vision::Is to be the best in providing a work force that bring creativity and efficiency in their area of expertise

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As far as e commerce is concerned seo, efficiency, effectiveness are the keys to successful online business venture. Thus our e commerce sites are linked to social sites so as to enable interactive relations which in the long run vastly optimizes the search of the site.


Content management system

Our websites are built to bring control to our clients even with little or no programming skills. One, with the use of content management software(c.m.s) one can customize their websites towards their tastes and preferences.


Web applications

Our e commerce sites examples include catering websites, online shopping website with a cart, online ticket reservation website, doctors appointment reservation website equipped with an E.R.P and much more.


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